Friday, August 10


It's such a beautiful thing to attend a wedding. To see a bride dressed in white, flanked by a beaming husband, and surrounded by an air of infinite peace.

For a moment, I forget that I've never found myself standing there. I live life vicariously through their honest and truthful smiles, their endless optimism, and the faith that this step belies.

And then I remember where I am, and all the things that keep me from getting here, and the promise comes. "Mormon Guy, it'll be okay. Have faith... and this day will come for you, too. I promise."

And I believe it. And even if I didn't have that assurance, it would still be beautiful.


  1. I love this. We all have things that for some reason or another hold us back or hinder us from reaching our goals. But life is still beautiful anyway. And life is still good. Despite our challenges, with our challenges, sometimes even because of our challenges. Faith is the lens that brings beauty and peace to everything.

  2. Oh such a wonderful post!! I like living vicariously through the couple too! :)

  3. this is a gorgeous post. THANK YOU!

  4. Will you marry me?

    1. If (1) you're a girl, (2) we meet in real life and fall in love, and (3) I get confirmation that it's a good choice, then yeah. I will. Otherwise no.


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