Monday, April 1

Lights, Pitchpipe, Action

The a cappella concert on Saturday and the Easter program on Sunday went well.
Here are some links to our performance. The sound isn't awesome on this video... but at least you get something from it. My siblings also recorded the performance from a different perspective with our digital SLR, but we haven't uploaded ours to YouTube yet.

Stake Dance Medley was a blast. This was the first time we performed it for an audience, and that made all the difference. There are a couple times that the laughter is loud enough that you can't hear what is happening on stage. The short dialogue that you miss goes something like this (at least, this was what was planned; I couldn't hear it on stage either):

"What color is your toothbrush?
Like your braces? Cool.
Yeah. What ward are you from?
The Pleasant View 3,291,627th ward.
Oh. Do you know Mahonri Hinckley?
*smile* Yeah. I have a really big crush on him.
I shouldn't have said that."

By the way, I usually sing low bass in Morris Code... and in this concert I am singing low bass the entire time. Honestly, you probably can't hear me well - video cameras don't pick up low bass well, and computer/phone speakers don't produce it well. But I'm there, and probably singing lower than you can hear. Example: the first song, I'm singing a low E below bass clef for almost the entire song.

I'm in the bright yellow vest.

Battle Hymn of the Republic (mixed with Indonesian chant)

I Will Wait

Stake Dance Medley


  1. (Mrs. IDM here) I LOVED THEM ALL! :D I am totally an a capella fan. Well, I'm actually an all around music fan for sure. Wish I could have seen it in person. It was fun to see GMG in the flesh (I mean yellow vest!;). You were awesome up there dancin and singin and movin with the groovin :) Looks like you had a great time, I hope you will keep it up.

  2. You appear to the only one with any real dance training ;-). Do any of these guys know that you write this blog or about your SGA?

    1. It's on my Facebook page. They're my Facebook friends. And I've told at least a few of them outright, and others have brought it up in conversation. So I'm pretty sure most, if not all of them, know.


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