Sunday, August 11

Opposites in Feelings

Sometimes I'm just grateful for opposites in feelings. Because they help me realize how blessed I really am in life.

Feeling alone helps me appreciate the times when I have people around me who care about me... and pushes me to reach out to people.

Feeling misunderstood helps me feel grateful for the people who try to understand... and makes me more willing to forgive people who don't seem to understand me.

Feeling hungry makes me grateful for good food, science to help guide my decisions, and the discount at the health food store when I buy a case... and pushes me to help people find joy in healthy eating (though with a diet like mine, that's complicated).

Feeling tired makes me grateful for the things I can do... and gives me empathy for the people who are tired in life.

Feeling anxious makes me grateful for the things inside me that push me to want to be better... and lets me understand the stress of wanting to be better.

Feeling worn down, broken, frustrated or futile helps me appreciate the times when I feel like I'm making a difference, and when I catch glimpses of a place where I belong... and helps me forgive people, love them, and try to start over when I've made mistakes.

Feeling depressed makes me appreciate the things I usually love in life... and pushes me to be there for people who need a friend.

Sometimes I wish I could find a way to avoid negative feelings. To make it so that I could fix all my relationships and find ways to meet my needs. But, in the meantime, living with imperfect (and sometimes grossly dystopian) feelings is a blessing. It helps me appreciate life, and pushes me to make life, and the world around me, better.


  1. This brought to mind one of my favorite scriptures, 2 Nephi 2: 11-13. Thank you for reminding me, even though we are doing what we are supposed to, we will still feel down at times. However, that's alright because it makes us more grateful for the positive in our lives and teaches us it is necessary for growth.

  2. I just wanted to tell you that Heavenly Father loves you as you are. Exactly as you are, right now. He is the Creator of all and as such He Sees You. I think that the world we live in creates a lot of labels (fat, autistic, gay...) which are essential for communication and understanding but God doesn't see us under these labels. He sees us for what is important: where our heart lies.
    Christ lived in a time where different labels (and some the same) were used: prostitute, devils in body, leprosy, etc but He never let these labels distract him from loving and healing them.
    Our journeys are meant for a purpose. God has a purpose for you that is essential to His plans. He knows you and loves you. Just as you are.


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