Sunday, December 1


Tonight I'm performing at the annual North Star Christmas fireside. I'm singing O Holy Night, and as of earlier this week I'm the last participant on the program. It should be good.

The last week has given me thought. Last week at the BYU A Cappella Jam, 8 groups performed and it gave me insight into what the groups stand for. There's a new group on campus that, when they began... I got the impression that they were focused completely on sharing the gospel. I've been watching to see if they would be a good fit, but at the A Cappella Jam they put final confirmation on my thoughts - their set made me cringe. I wasn't a fan of the innuendo, the lyric choices, the choreography... *sigh*

And so that put the final stamp on my desire to start something else. Mix the service and dedication of MoTab with the message of K-LOVE... to the vocal style of A Cappella. And you get grace.

We'll have two basic tenets: performances every week, and only music that has a powerful positive message.

With performances every week, we'll have to be focused deeply on service to others. Setting up a concert each week doesn't work, so we'll sing in rest homes, on the streets, wherever we can find a place to share a smile. And by singing only music with a powerful positive message, we'll be different.

I don't know if it'll be an all-guys group or mixed. I'm leaning toward mixed right now. It all depends on who I can find who is willing/able to be a part of it at auditions in January. If you know anyone who loves a cappella, is a great singer, and would love to dedicate a chunk of their lives to service and singing (BYU student or not - it won't be just students), send them my way.

I think I'll throw myself headlong into this. A cappella is one of my passions, and building a group focused on good - the type of group that could bridge the gap between the Christian and LDS music worlds - that sounds pretty awesome. I'll just need to get up the guts to leverage the resources that are available in the community here. There are composers who could write music for a group. People who love to sing. Places to perform and people to serve. I just need to do it.

This is going to be so much harder than just showing up to MoTab.

But... if it works out, and even if it doesn't, it'll be so much more worth it.

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  1. Hey,

    So, you don't know me but I've actually kept up with your blog since the start of this semester. First of all, I want to thank you for keeping it. It's been inspiring to read your thoughts and be able to relate so well. So, thank you.

    Also, about your putting Grace together, I think that is a WONDERFUL idea. I've actually been thinking of something similar, but hadn't put much thought into organizing a group. I'm not an amazing singer, but I do have several years choir experience and a desire to do service. I look froward to auditions :-) Thanks for thinking to put this together.

    Anyway, until then, Merry Christmas! :-)



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