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List of Religious Businesses to Support

June 26, 2015.

The day the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples have a right to marry throughout the USA.

And the day I completely lost faith in the US government.

I read the opinions of the Supreme Court a few minutes after they went live online. And among the frustration voiced in the dissenting opinions and the unsubstantiated arguments by the majority, I had a realization:

There isn't anything I can do about this anymore. The political process is broken.

When it was an issue of the states, or even of the federal legislature, I could rally, vote, donate, debate, persuade, and do everything in my power to help people see my point of view on the legality of same-sex marriage. But that's not an option anymore. I mean, we could go for a constitutional amendment, but the last time that happened was before I was born, or at least conscious of reality. I think the age of federal amendments is honestly over - who would vote for something so overarching when one wordcould be so easily misinterpreted by the courts ten, twenty, or two years from now? I probably wouldn't.

And so my efforts need to go somewhere else. When I lost faith in the education system, I put my efforts into Church and business. So I decided to do the same thing again. I pulled up my web browser to look for religious-friendly businesses and Google had a thing that said they celebrated gay marriage. I closed Chrome and opened Firefox instead. But I soon realized that I didn't know which businesses had morals that aligned with mine. And searches weren't turning anything up. If I really want to support companies who spend their philanthropic dollars (all companies have them) supporting causes I agree with, instead of fighting against them, I need to know who to support.

The lists of pro-gay and anti-Christian companies are easy to find. The HRC publishes a list of companies that actively give money for and openly support the legalization of gay marriage. But it's hard to find companies on the other side.

So I'm making a list.

It will probably be a dangerous list. People have been sued for being faithfully religious in their business dealings; others have been slandered in media, threatened, or physically assaulted; and countless have been murdered for making their moral beliefs known.

But if I want to support businesses that worship God, I'm sure there are others who want the same. And whether the owners are Catholic, Protestant, Mormon, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or another faith, as long as they are actively trying to make the world a more faithful place, I'll choose them over the godless any day.

To be added to this list:
Send me an email (my address is listed here on the blog) with the following information from an official business email address:
Your name (will not be published)
Your title (will not be published)
Your phone number (will not be published)
The name of your business
Your county and state (for sorting on this list)
A few lines about what your business does
How you actively use money earned by your business to glorify God
Affirmation that you actively support traditional marriage, reject abortion, etc.

And I'll add you. There may be a delay, and I may have to contact you. 

You may nominate a business you don't own, but I will have to contact the owner - so please give me that information -unless they have been in the news, in which case I will add them if you send a link to the news article.

You may not nominate MLM's (multi-level-marketing companies, independent distributors, etc) or similar companies. Franchises may be added at the corporate level or locally only if corporate does not actively support gay marriage or other activities.

Here's the list.

List of Religious Businesses to Support:
Sorted by state and county

Utah County

Nature's Fusions Essential Oils
Premium Essential Oil company, brand is sold in health food stores globally.
This is my (Mormon Guy) company.

The Soap Factory
Make your own soap, lotion, scrubs, chocolate, and trail mix using premium ingredients.
This is my (Mormon Guy) company. 


  1. Great idea! I hope it grows. I'm with you, I'd prefer to support businesses that choose to support causes I agree with. I'd love it if you would include links if the company has a website.

  2. This is an awesome idea, thank you!


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