There have been times in my life when I wanted to stop living. When the world seemed to be crashing down on me, and anything was a better option than what I had to face that day, or the next, or the next. Eternity loomed like a giant, promising to damn me to hell no matter how I hard I tried, and happiness seemed impossible no matter what I did. Sometimes it's been caused from real depression. Sometimes from despair in my own life. Sometimes from the frustration of being addicted to sin.

There haven't been many things, I feel, that really capture what happens in my mind and heart at those moments.

But there are some, and I wanted to compile them to share. This page will grow slowly. That's okay, because I'll probably come back here whenever I find something else that speaks to my soul... and when I need my own hope to be restored.

There is always hope. Life is always worth living. God will always love you. And you can always find Him, not matter who you are or how far you've gone. If you are going through difficult times in your life, please, turn to Him. Plead with Him. Give away your anger, your fear, your frustration, your guilt, your despair, and let Him replace them with peace and faith.

Because, as beautiful as music or art or relationships can be, only He can make us whole.

Worn - Tenth Avenue North

Fall Apart - Josh Wilson

Sacred Ground - Jon Schmidt