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My name's David Peterson. If you want to know more about me, you can read the post where I shared my identity with the world.

Here I'm known as Mormon Guy.

(Gay) Mormon Guy is my blog about same-sex attraction and faithfully living the gospel of Jesus Christ. It has a few purposes in my mind (ranked in order of importance):
  1. To help people find hope and peace in difficult trials - to be the resource I wish had been available in the darkest hours of my life. If you need someone to talk to, contact me.
  2. To be a witness that living the gospel faithfully and completely, even with same-sex attraction, can bring real happiness and lasting joy.
  3. To increase understanding within the LDS and Christian community by explaining the moral, intellectual, and social dynamics surrounding same-sex attraction. 
  4. To give me a place to work out my own problems and allow others to work through theirs.
Those are the purposes. But most of the time I just write what I feel like writing.

If you are just starting here, or want a general overview, here's a list of posts to start. The first ones are more general, and could apply to many facets in life. The later ones are more specific and detail my own personal experiences with same-sex attraction. After the posts are two excellent resources from the LDS Church on the doctrinal dynamics of homosexuality.

Blog Posts:

Just a Touch of His Robe...:
One of my favorite posts - what the Lord taught me about the woman with the issue of blood in the New Testament. "The true miracle... didn't come when the woman touched His robe... The true miracle was the change in her heart..."

But If Not...:
Another of my favorite posts. Thoughts on how Elder Simmons' talk from General Conference applies in my life. "True faith is not contingent on results. True faith is more than just believing that God can and will empower and deliver us in life. It is acting on that belief whether or not He does."

A Light Inside the Tunnel:
I love the imagery of this post. Instead of looking to the end of the tunnel for hope and peace, "the light of faith, hope, peace, and love is here, inside the tunnel, beside me..."

One Today at a Time:
My thoughts about Elder Christofferson's remarks at the CES Fireside. The Lord doesn't ask me to live my entire life tomorrow - He asks me to live today. "Someday I hope to cross over the river Jordan and eat of the corn of the land... But in the meantime I'll turn to God... and give thanks for the manna that falls from Heaven... Tomorrow is tomorrow. And until it comes, I will live my life today... one today at a time."

Blessings (video):
My story as a video, set to Laura Story's Blessings 

President Packer's Talk... From a (Gay) Mormon Perspective:
Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, and the online world, this is by far the most-read post on my blog... to the tune of hundreds of thousands of views. It outlines my thoughts on President Packer's message during General Conference.

Proposition 8. And all related issues:
My thoughts on marriage, and why I firmly support the family as outlined in "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" as the central and key unit of society... even when it may not be a part of my future.

A Curse? A Trial? A Blessing in Disguise?:
The progression of my feelings toward same-gender attraction, from feeling outcast and cursed, to finally coming to an understanding of the Lord's hand in my life.

Bigoted, Hateful, and Homophobic:
I felt like I had been run over by an emotional Mack truck. It's easy to label those who don't understand as bigots, hateful, spiteful... But I can't do that.

Kissing Guys:
Two choices determine my destiny. One promises eternal happiness, growth, heartache, faith, and strength with God at my side. The other offers love, acceptance, pleasure, earthly happiness, and instant gratification with a guy beside me. And both are telling the truth.

Homosexuality Isn't Just About Sexuality:
Being Mormon with same-sex attraction has far more consequences than a sexual drive directed towards men. I have specific, incredible, important psychological needs that can't easily be met.

Childhood Memories:
Short autobiography of my life growing up, how I learned I was attracted to other guys, and how I dealt with the problems that life gave me. Gives background on where I'm coming from - including abuse, depression, addiction, and my commitment to the gospel.

Official Church and Other Resources:
The Church's newest site, dedicated entirely to the topic of same-sex attraction and the Church. The site uses videos to share both doctrinal viewpoints and personal experiences about living in the gospel with same-gender attraction.

Gospel Topics: Same-Sex Attraction:
Official site on - briefly outlines official policy, and links to articles, scriptures, and other references on same-sex attraction.

God Loveth His Children:
Pamphlet produced by the Church, directed towards young men and women who live with same-gender attraction.

Same-Gender Attraction: 
An official statement of the Church, comprising an interview with Elder Dallin H. Oaks, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of the Church, and Elder Lance B. Wickman, a member of the Seventy. Contains specific, applied examples of the doctrinal dynamics of same-sex attraction.
North Star: 
A support group for men and women who live with same-gender attraction and want to live the gospel of Jesus Christ, their family, and friends. Has members from around the world.