Friday, January 14

Never Again

I've tried hundreds of things to clear my mind when temptations or thoughts come uninvited. But for some reason I can him my favorite hymn and the thoughts are still there - and refuse to go away. I try to sing one hymn and think the words of a second, and they are still there... and then I add a third hymn, which consumes all my brain power, effectively debilitating myself temporarily from doing anything, and the thoughts disappear... Until I stop singing.

That works when I can afford to stop doing everything else in life - if I'm not engaged in a conversation or driving or actually doing anything. But most of the time that doesn't apply.

I've tried reciting my patriarchal blessing, the proclamation on the family, scripture masteries, and praying for help. But I've realized that, while each of those is useful, they lack the emotional connection to rising out of my trial - they don't bring back the memory of how I felt when I made the commitment to repent. They help me look forward, but I needed something simple, repeatable, and memorable that would hold, in stark contrast, the pain of sin and the light of forgiveness... And bring both to remembrance. It was then that I found "never again."

Today, when thoughts or images or anything else comes to mind uninvited, my immediate, resounding, repeated, and silencing response is "Never again."

Never again will I be a slave.
Never again will I turn away from God.
Never again will I trade eternity, peace, and the happiness I have learned over the years for anything else.
Never again will I let Satan in my life.
Never again will I listen to temptation.
Never again will I walk down the pathways which will lead me to it.

And as I repeat the words over and over, they fill me with courage. I am a son of God. He stands at my side and watches over me... and never again will I doubt that or doubt His love, His commandments, or His involvement in my life. He is supreme, and gives me strength to move forward in life. 

And, with the strength and His presence comes a promise - a promise that someday I can grow strong enough to be like Moroni, or Helaman, or the people of the city of Enoch, in this life - faith so strong that the devil has no power to tempt me in any thing. And when that day comes I will be able to walk forward in the light, never looking back, ever, again.


  1. Your Wonderful...Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Amen. Perfect "Never Agains" for all of us in whatever our personal temptations are. Thank you for sharing.

  3. That fit the mood of the week. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Thanks for sharing something that can help all of us. We all need help with things we never want to do again.

  5. My reading of this post is very timely. I was just speaking with a friend about the "never again" things in my own life. Thank you for the post.


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