Thursday, July 25

Little Things

Sometimes it's nice to be grateful for the little things in life. My diet's going really well, and I'm having a blast coming up with new recipes. My friend found her lost cat, the health food store on the corner had a sale on tofu (which ended up being less expensive yet significantly superior to the one I've been eating) and some probiotics I've wanted to try on clearance... it's cool at night and someone mentioned to me that it might get cooler this weekend... yeah. Little stuff, but it definitely makes me smile. And helps me feel grateful for the countless blessings I have in life.

Yeah, I may be trying to sort out the Lord's will for me on a couple different levels. I'm far from perfect in my own life, and my ability to create and maintain friendships is still on par with an infant - you know when they poke their finger in another kid's eye because they're clueless? That's me. But I'm okay with all that today... because I know that God loves me and I'm getting better.

I'm grateful for the people who try to get through to me. For peers who tell me they care. For opportunities to just listen and talk and sit.

And I'm definitely grateful for the little things.

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