Monday, April 4

Watching People Fall in Love

Of all the blessings I have ever experienced, the most memorable and compelling is being able to watch others fall in love. I'm not talking about falling in love with a person; I'm talking about falling in love with God and His teachings. It's one thing to see someone gain a love for history, or fall in love with sci-fi novels. It's another thing to watch their eyes light up when someone walks into the room. But there is nothing like the sublime ability to see their eyes light up from the inside... To see them fall in love with life itself... To find meaning in their trials and hope in their suffering.

The only thing better, for me, is to know that, in some small way, I played a part.

It makes everything worth it.


  1. I've never thought about it this way before, but you're absolutely right.

    And it is a wondrous feeling to know that God trusts enough to be an instrument in His hands. It's a pretty cool and humbling feeling.

    I'm glad you got to be a part in someone's spiritual journey and conversion.

  2. When I first began developing a relationship with Jesus, I was oddly terrified to let people pray over me. (For background's sake, I'm a charismatic Catholic) A friend marched me over to a circle of people and announced, "She wants to be prayed over!" and left. As soon as they had finished, I bawled. I ran over to my friends, and my closest friend grabbed me, hugged me, and said "Gillian, you've never looked more beautiful to me as you do right now." God is amazing, beautiful, and wonderful. I owe so many of my friends who have helped me in my now lifelong struggle to be Holy.

  3. YES. I completely understand what you mean. There is no substitute for watching the human soul warm and ignite with the light of the Spirit. I love that the eyes are the window to the soul. So much meaning if one takes the time to look.


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