Wednesday, June 22

Meaning in Patience

Across the US, rain has drenched cities, causing massive flooding filling reservoirs beyond capacity. The cool, wet weather and late frosts prolonged spring into early June, and for a while the only things blooming were small, scraggly, but definitely green. Then, in a burst of prolonged sunlight, summer came... and with it a very unique set of circumstances.

Usually, spring gardens bloom in sequence. Crocuses, forget-me-nots, early daffodils and miniature tulips, larger tulips and apple blossoms, lilacs and day lilies and massive bearded irises. But this year, it didn't happen that way. The long, cloudy weather meant that, for months at a time, none were blooming... and then, all at an instant, everything bloomed at once. Irises in the same bed as crocuses, tulips, and daffodils - something I've never seen before. Roses backed by those same flowers, instead of being flocked by the green after-blooms of foliage. And when the day lilies finally bloom, with their blooming season they'll probably bloom until November.

I think that if I compare myself to a garden plot, it's pretty telling in my life. For most of my life, I would have given anything to be "normal" - to fit in to any group of people. Here on (Gay) Mormon Guy I only share a facet of my life; you can be sure that I'm probably the strangest person you've never met. I looked around and saw flowers blooming in everyone else's lives... everything going right, with no apparent difficulties on their parts. And my garden? Um. It's definitely green. I have a strong testimony and a faithful conviction of the truth. But the flowers and fruit that are in other gardens are conspicuously absent, and I'd really rather not be like the fig tree that Christ cursed when Summer was nigh.

Today, looking at gardens, I'm again realizing that the Lord always has a purpose in His designs. This year, a late spring and heavy rains left gardens bare of flowers and fruit... but only a few months later, those same conditions made summer gorgeous. I think the same thing is happening in my life. Maybe right now all my dreams are on hold. I don't have a wife, kids, and the love that I watch blossom around me. Those who don't know in my life are probably wondering what is taking so long. But someday it will happen. The flowers will bloom, summer will come, and all my dreams will come true. It won't be today, but I know that it will happen. The Lord has promised that every blessing will be given to the faithful in His own due time. And in the meantime I'm enjoying the rain.


  1. Interesting insight and application! I've been seeing the same wet, cold weather plague spring with gloom and grey, but today, it's sunny and green and colorful.

    Won't it be thrilling to see those blossoms and blooms in our lives, after a springtime of cold and dreary? How excited I am for that day!

  2. This was an absolutely beautiful post! Thank you for sharing it. :)

    Sometimes I think about the things I am waiting on in my life. Some of the things I wait on I have seen many other people attain at a much younger age. This used to bother me A LOT. Life was a race of sorts. But through the wisdom of our Father, I came to a different perspective which totally eliminates the tendency to compare and chart WHEN things "should" happen. And that is the realization that when we leave this Earth life, it will all seem as an instant... like the blink of an eye or a sudden and quickly passing dream. And when it happens, it won't matter if I accomplish or experience things in the beginning, the middle, or the end of my life; all that will matter is that it happened.

    I promise to continue to pray for you that you will have peace, patience, and that your time will come at the best time.

    I know you don't know me, but I somehow care about you a great deal. And I know the Lord does, too. :) of your cheer leaders,
    Corine :D


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