Tuesday, September 27

Preparing for General Conference - Oct 2011

Life has totally run me under the last few days. I woke up on Saturday and someone asked me, "Mormon Guy, is it fast Sunday tomorrow?" Fast Sunday at the end of September??? Why would they ask? There must be something happening next week. Wait. The first weekend in October. General Conference. General Conference is next week!?! Oh, and "No, Fast Sunday is usually the week after when it moves in this stake."

Now it's four days away, and I'm scrambling to compose the questions I need answered - to find the theme of my preparation. Conference is awe-inspiring in how personal it always feels... how personally the talks apply to my life. It often feels as if each person is speaking directly to me, out of the millions watching, and answering my questions given to God in the weeks preceding.

I guess the biggest question I'll be asking this time around is, "What next?" A year ago I asked for help touching people's lives through this blog and this message... reaching the people who needed to hear the message... and (Gay) Mormon Guy went viral just days after Conference, with the huge interest generated by President Packer's talk. In April, with the recent influx of tons of new readers from CJane and other sources, I asked for direction in framing what I write - who should my audience be? And the answer came as I remembered the individuals... the guys and girls who, like me, live each day in the moment and just need someone who cares and understands.

I feel like maybe I need to do something more... and that's the basis of my question. I date and it never goes anywhere... either I get shot down, or I can tell that some girls are definitely interested... but I don't reflect the passion. I'm not sure which way to go with (G)MG, and then I have a major professional choice that is looming in the not-too-distant future.

So that's my question. Or sum of questions. What next? What more should I be doing? How can I better help others, share the gospel, and accomplish my purpose in life? And since every Conference I've always heard the answers to my questions, I'm convinced the trend will live on.


  1. Great ideas- I've never thought of going with questions in mind. I need to do this. How do you prepare? I've been reading the conference talks from the last one 6 months ago. Please do comment back to me!

  2. Becky -

    I don't do a whole lot different when preparing for General Conference. Read my scriptures, go to the temple, write down questions, pray, read the Ensign and the last Conference issue and talks by the prophet from prior years (when I make the time). The biggest thing is just taking the time to sit down and measure my life and where I want to go... figuring out the Lord's will in my life... and doing what I can to get there.

  3. Those are my questions, too. I'm in the lovely position of having several wonderful paths to consider, as well as the not-so-lovely position of a couple of struggling kids and a husband who is buried with responsibilities. "What next?" "How?" and "When do I say 'no'?" are on my list. Hope you get the answers you're looking for. I hope that for all of us.

  4. I recently stumbled upon this blog, and have been uplifted beyond belief. I would simply like to say thank you. Your blog gave me the much needed strength to carry on. Such fervent writing! Thank you ever so much! Your writing made me aware of what my priorities need to be. Although, I do not really know you, and you do not know me either, I can feel your spirit and I know you are my brother. Thank you, again.

  5. Wow. That's somewhat ironic. The last line in the post: "I'm convinced the trend will live on." The answer was to be more fully engaged using other social media - Twitter, G+ (I don't know how to use it yet), etc.


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