Saturday, October 1

We Are All Enlisted

It's time to lift up your voice in defense of truth and virtue. We are all enlisted... and no matter who you are, today you are called to rise up and share the gospel as it applies to you... to open your mouth and be heard... to speak in the language of your life... and to change the world.

When I first began writing here at (Gay) Mormon Guy, a priesthood leader counseled me to not be a leader - not to form an army or take leadership of people in a place or role where I had no formal authority. But as time has gone on, I've realized that my story isn't enough. At first I thought it was a problem with publicity - maybe if people simply knew about (Gay) Mormon Guy, and read my story, it would help them in some way. In some cases, it does. But in other cases, I can't communicate with people who need help. There is still a huge need for increased exposure to this topic in the world. But even if I were able to write perfectly, and if every LDS guy and girl with SSA read my blog, and everyone else in the world as well, it wouldn't be enough.

The Church, and the world, needs more soldiers of faith - men and women who are willing to do their part to share their stories with the world. It doesn't mean you have to blog about the most personal parts of your life... but if you're a blogger, and you can speak from experience, then maybe you should. It doesn't mean that you need to talk with everyone. But if you're a social butterfly, and you can see people's needs, then you should. You have within you a calling - a place in the Plan of Heavenly Father that will enable you to bless and change and inspire the lives of His children - whether one at a time or en masse. And today you have been called to serve in that capacity by living prophets.

Come, join the ranks of men and women who aren't afraid to share the gospel in everything they do. Who wear their religion on their sleeves and let it shine in their eyes, because it lifts and lights the world. Come, join the ranks of men and women who have personally experienced the power of the Atonement and would do anything to help a brother or sister in need... and as you serve, you will find the true joy of the gospel - not just living a righteous life and having your unmet needs filled by the mercy and grace of God - but the joy that comes from enabling, lifting, teaching, inspiring, helping others to achieve lasting happiness in their lives. God's joy is shared with us when we engage in His work - the work of changing lives, healing hearts, and saving souls.

We are all enlisted. Make the commitment to join, today, and do what you can to serve... because both you and I have a place in the Plan that only we can fulfill.


  1. This is great. It actually dovetails with a media initiative that the church is making in several cities/states around the country. I'm bracing myself for more attention as a Mormon!

  2. This is a great post but I do agree that not everyone should be enlisted especially if they are not in the right frame of mind. Not everyone that knows God is of the right heart! Hopefully everything lines up in order for us to enlist!

  3. I am committed to taking this to heart. It is so much more comfortable to partake and not to contribute. I wonder sometimes where my missionary zeal lives in my being because sharing always gives me so much joy... but lately it has remained dormant. I'm willing to be an instrument in His hands and it is incredible to consider how many stand with me. :)

  4. @Mrs Pancackes, What do you mean not everyone who knows God is of the right heart? Isn't one of the side effects of knowing God being of the right from of mind or of the right heart?

  5. Ever since conference I have been more brave about sharing my faith on my blog. I felt a strong impression to just write what I feel and not worry about catering it to a certain type of reader. Thanks for this post, it inspired me even a little more!



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