Friday, February 24

Standards for New Situations in New For the Strength of Youth

For the Strength of Youth, a source of clear and direct outlines of basic Church standards, underwent a revision process this last year, and the booklets are being distributed to wards and branches throughout the Church. I love this book. It's designed to help Church members create habits in living the standards that will guide them throughout their lives.

There is no double standard in the Church. The standards apply universally to youth, adults, and all other members. That's why they're called "standards" and not "youthful suggestions."

The new booklet covers issues that weren't present during the last revision in 2001 - things like mobile devices - and clarifies other issues. There's a section on emotional health that talks about depression, a new section on education, and some other cool features. The pdf or printed booklet itself has more text than the resources available online at

There's a paragraph on same-gender attraction, but the section that really spoke to me when I read it this morning was on agency and accountability. I'll include some of the last paragraph here.

Some sinful behavior may bring temporary, worldly pleasure, but such choices delay your progress and lead to heartache and misery. Righteous choices lead to lasting happiness and eternal life. Remember, true freedom comes from using your agency to choose obedience; loss of freedom comes from choosing disobedience.

That's true. When I find myself faced with the choice of following pleasure or pursuing lasting happiness, the only way to find peace is to follow God. He has given me all the tools to be happy, if I will follow Him and keep His commandments.


  1. glad to hear that depression is in there. My last bishop was naive about that subject. He thought that all you had to do was read the scriptures and pray more and It was gone. He was not the man I needed after leaving an abusive marriage. can't wait to get my hands on one!

    1. Becky -

      If you can't wait, then the PDF version is available online on the church standards website. I think the link is in the bottom right corner. But yeah - I'm glad that it's in there, too. I know I was clueless about the reality of depression, even when I was suicidal. It was such a relief to learn that people don't want to die when they have bad days.

  2. Thanks for sharing this! That really sums up the WHY of keeping the commandments, doesn't it?

  3. You're awesome, (Gay) Mormon Guy. Your blog is a help to many people. Keep up the good work.


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