Sunday, April 1

What Did You Learn at Conference?

I'm sitting here, wondering how I can write a great blog post to follow 10 hours of the words of prophets. I don't think I can. But I can share what I learned.

I felt three major themes at Conference this year: Action, Hope, and Peace. The action was embodied in the half-dozen Christian battle hymns and the calls to repentance and service. Hope, in the stories of miracles and prayers answered. And peace in the simple feeling that came when the Lord assured me that everything would turn out in the end... like when the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang "Come, Thou Fount."

The Ensign will have all the talks printed, and very soon, if not already, transcripts, audio files, and video will be available at

But until that happens and we can delve into each talk and the meaning it brings in life, what was the general feeling you took away from Conference? What did the Lord teach you... and what did you learn?


  1. I agree with your assessment. I found the hope and peace particularly comforting for some reason - perhaps because there seems to be such a state of unrest both in the US and the larger world on many levels.

  2. I am happy to say conference seems to be bringing out honest every day occurrences. When do you remember a GA standing up and admitting he used the Priesthood card and how wrong it was to do it? How much I loved his talk...using 121 for priesthood and for parenting is something I taught all the time in seminary...I love conference....but we really seem to be dealing with real life problems. Single moms...silly priesthood boys....gossip...loved it


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