Thursday, June 28

Not-so-Secret Love

I'm in love.

With home teaching.


maybe phrasing it that way is a bit awkward.

I'm in love with the feeling that comes with home teaching. With the instant trust that builds with home teaching. With the inroads to understanding people's lives and seeing into their hearts.

I love the midnight calls from a sister who just needs someone to talk to... and the text messages asking for a blessing or to keep her in my prayers.

I love putting names on the temple prayer roll and thinking about them as I pray there.

I love sharing the First Presidency message, and talking about the gospel and the prophets.

I love looking into the eyes of those I teach, and listening to try to understand the things they aren't saying.

I love laughing - about life, the frustrations of dating, work, the world, and anything else.

I love working alongside them, fixing a broken wall or weeding a garden... or just showing up unannounced to find a way to serve.

I love leaving treats on the doorstep and sprinting down the street... or ringing the doorbell and staying there so I can see their eyes and add a voice to the love I feel.

I love praying for them by name and being inspired to ask the Lord for specific blessings on their behalf... and watching them happen.

I love being a shoulder to cry on, someone to talk to, a friend in time of need... the person they can always rely on no matter what.

I love praying as we leave and calling down blessings from Heaven on their homes.

I love seeing them at Church or somewhere else, and being able to start up a conversation and show that I care.

But, most of all... I love that, as a home teacher, I'm allowed to love people. Completely and totally and honestly and outwardly and unconditionally.

When I'm a home teacher, no one questions why I care so much.

There are so many people that I love in this world. So many people who, if I were truly honest, would wonder why I care.

But not the people I home teach. They know I love them unconditionally and completely, and they're okay with it.

I can say, "I love you," and no one questions what I mean, because they understand.

And that's why I'm in love with home teaching.


  1. You're such an example. I'm often too worried about myself to care so much about others...

  2. Mormon Guy, I wish that you were my home teacher. All too often I feel like my home teachers are just trying to fulfill their duty and don't really care. Instead of feeling loved, I feel like a project or responsibility for them, so when I really need love and support I don't have many places to turn.

    Thank you. Thank you for loving those that you serve and befriend because you never really know who needs the love you have to offer. If only we all could be more like that, myself included.

  3. Wow, we haven't had home teachers in years! You're welcome at my home any time.

  4. I so wanted this to be on fb so I could "like" it..So I'll just post here like, like, like:)

  5. Home teaching is indeed really cool when done right. Sounds like your home teachees are blessed to have you!

  6. I wish you were my home teacher. Haha! I don't even think I have one. (: You preach that gospel, son! <3


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