Tuesday, February 19

Josh & Lolly Weed: 2nd Voices Video

Josh and Lolly Weed hit the gay Mormon scene when they wrote a joint post on Josh's humor blog. His small readership jumped and his previously personal post designed for family and friends went viral when the story hit Gawker, Facebook, then national news media sites.

I met Josh Weed a few months later at the "Reconciling Faith and Feelings" conference that was hosted by AMCAP (Association for Mormon Counselors and Psychotherapists) and FAR (the Foundation for Attraction Research). It was before the conference began, and he was talking to Ty Mansfield. I introduced myself to both of them just as David Peterson. Not gay Mormon guy. Someone made the comment that we were in sort of a club - the faithful gay Mormons who had recently found notoriety.

Since that time, we've talked a few times. By phone, email, I actually saw him in Salt Lake last week.

Josh and Lolly honestly assert that their story is just that. Their story. They believe that opposite-gender marriages mixed with same-gender attraction create potential danger. They believe that we should love people unconditionally, as God loves all people. And they believe that their story should not be used to bully, coerce, or force anyone else to walk down any path.

Here's the highlight version of the Weed's Voices of Hope interview.


And the full version here:


As soon as I can figure out how to embed the videos themselves, I'll do so. Right now the Blogger/YouTube search function is not cooperating.

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  1. David, you are a big example to many of us.


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