Monday, May 20

Music Competition: Ends Tomorrow

Ever since sharing who I am here on (Gay) Mormon Guy I've wondered about the balance of what I write. Part of me wants to be as inspiring as possible, and avoid the mundane, so that everyone who arrives here is lifted to the skies (yeah, pipe dreams, but whatever). Part wants to be as transparent as possible, but still (somehow) have the blog be worth reading.

Today's more mundane.

The Facebook music video competition I'm in ends tomorrow. It's really close - within a few dozen votes. I'd love if you'd take a moment to listen to my song and vote for me now and tomorrow. You'll need to (1) "Like" Art City Records on Facebook, then (2) click this link to go to my voting page:

You can watch the video on the voting page. Just scroll down.

You can vote every 24 hours - today and tomorrow - until it ends at 11:59 tomorrow night (Utah time)

There... I actually asked for help. What is wrong with me that this was so hard? That I still want to delete it? Is it pride? Wanting to appear totally self-sufficient? Wanting to believe I am? Wanting to preserve the appearance of relationships without ever really letting people in? *sigh*... at least I'm learning.

And I'll also share with you why this is important to me.

Music is a big part of my life and my goals in sharing hope with the world. I don't want to be a pop singer or sing in movies; I want to bring people to Christ. Write and sing music that you'd hear in an Evangelical church, write and sing music that you'd hear in an LDS Fireside, and bridge the gap between them so that people will grow to love their neighbors.

I had a dream in the MTC before going to Rome on my mission. In my dream, the Pope died (it happened while I was there), a temple was built in Rome (it's being built), and then I found myself standing on a rock ledge high above Rome, singing. Singing the gospel through song. I don't know exactly what the third part means, but, right now, I want to record an album (in Italian) to give away at the open house for the Rome Italy Temple - to help people remember what they felt there.

Long-term, I want to release albums that speak about Christ that people can feel comfortable sharing with their faithful families and friends - to help friendships and families grow together toward Christ.

The sponsors of this competition at will write, produce, and publish a song for me if I win. They'll bring in professional musicians, vocalists, produce a music video... and then release it across the world. It's going to be a Christian/Gospel song if I have my way, and the first of hopefully many to help people grow in their faith. It'll connect me with more people who can help me make this happen. And if they like me enough, after the first song, they may produce another, or an entire album.

That's why. Hopefully being real doesn't scare too many people away.


  1. I love this idea! I heard a really good talk in sacrament yesterday which basically said that there are no coincidences. I whole heartedly believe this. Who knows what your dream means... but I'm sure Heavenly Father does. And however you are inspired to reach that and do something you love - you should do it!

  2. Love it too! (k- I'm voting again)

  3. I wish you luck in all that you do. I was reading it and I was just wow! i mean you have a big drea. So dream big is what they always say. Hope all works out for you

  4. David Peterson Wrote: "Hopefully being real doesn't scare too many people away."

    David, that is why we come here. Because you are real. It's great that you shared another part of your real self in this post. You sound awesome by the way.


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