Sunday, August 25

Step by Step

I'm a partial perfectionist. I don't obsess over things being perfectly done or perfectly complete. I start far more projects than I end, and my siblings hate the fact that I always have a thousand things going on.

But when it comes to imposing standards on myself - creating expectations for my performance in anything - I probably take myself too seriously.

I'm getting better. Blogging has made me far less perfectionistic in my writing; I focus on simply putting reality on the screen and pushing send, rather than creating something worthy to be read. Playing music in church (since I'm not really all that good) helps me be willing to perform even in talents where I'm still bordering on the mediocre. I'm okay having depression, and don't let it fill me with guilt.

I'm okay being imperfect.

But I'm still moving forward to perfection.

Today in church we spoke about President Uchtdorf's talk on God's Light from the April 2013 Conference. One of the concepts that really stuck out to me was the importance of just moving forward.

No matter what I face, no matter if my life is full of darkness or mostly with light, turning to God will always bring me greater happiness and faith.

And that's pretty cool. And it's nice to remember.

Sometimes I get down on myself for being imperfect. For not being as good as I wish I were. But if I'm willing to turn to Jesus and follow Him, that's enough. His grace is enough... even if I'm not perfect, He makes up for my imperfections, and will help me grow, step by step.

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