Friday, January 10

The World is Dividing

I've never seen so much anger. So much bitterness and persecution and name-calling and hatred...

... as I have with the issue of faith and homosexuality.

People that I thought I knew suddenly turn to vipers ready to attack when the subject comes up, instantly labeling anyone who doesn't agree. Emotions flare and people wage emotional wars, claiming one of the twin banners of equality or divinity... neither of which was ever meant to fly in battle.

Families are divided. Friendships torn. Faith lost.

I've seen people divide on topics in the Church before, at least somewhat. Caffeine was a hot topic until the Brethren stated that there is no stance. The topic of modesty can get some girls angry about their right to wear what they want... or bring up the issue of tights vs pants. The BYU honor code, among BYU students, has ardent lovers and flaunting haters.

But in the most intense brawls about the above topics, I've never seen anything this bad before.

I find myself wondering what else Satan will use to divide us and pull us away from the truth. What else could fracture and "deceive the very elect", like it says in Revelation? Abortion used to be a hot topic... but while emotions on both sides are still raging, they seem subdued compared to those in this battle.

Right now I wonder: how are we going to make it through this? Purified and made better as a people, brought together to meet Christ and pushed to follow Him? Or broken and fractured... with only a few really making it to the wedding feast when He calls? More than anything, I want unity in the Church as a whole again. A place where it is safe to believe because it's what is expected... and where I don't have to wonder what the next person thinks about me.

We can still find that in small places. But in the general fray, it has disappeared. Two separate sides declare their dominance in an increasingly exclusive battle... with sides growing more and more apart. 

Have we lost that forever?

I hope not.


  1. I have come to one simple solution that I believe is the only way that the people of God can become Zion: all must set aside personal ideologies and willingly and humbly submit to the teachings and counsel of the living Prophet of God. Division is a choice and we must resist it like the plague by unifying our minds with Christ, in the manner He has established in the organization of His Church.

    Thanks for your post. These can be confusing times if we allow them to be, or not.

    1. I think that humility is the key as well, Kathryn. At the core of this issue, and most of the issues that can divide us, is the question of whether we are willing to believe that God will keep His promises if we keep His commandments... or if we believe that a loving God would never give us trials that require lifelong sacrifice and faith. We fought a war in Heaven so that life would be hard; God loves us too much to take away the trials we face simply because they make life harder than we can imagine.

  2. I like Kathryn's comment on this. I also like the information for church leaders which was released by the church yesterday. Kindness and civility are the answer. We have to be kind all the time to everyone. To do otherwise is to side with Satan.

  3. Beautiful post. I have always tried to put much thought and effort into the second commandment: Love One Another. Our Savior, Jesus Christ was the greatest example of this. People and different all over the world and I think that's what makes us wonderful. We need to learn to love others the way our Heavenly Father loves us and that is unconditionally. If everyone was to work on doing just that their ideas of right and wrong would change to become ideas of what our Heavenly Father wants us to believe and do. I just discovered you blog and it is amazing.


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