Sunday, July 29

Northern Lights - Blog on Mormonism & Homosexuality

It's happening. Ty Mansfield just posted on Northern Lights - a group blog about faithful Mormons who live with same-sex attraction. On Monday Josh Weed will write, then his wife Lolly, then me, followed by a dozen other authors whose stories all have a familiar ring. They've all experienced facets of homosexuality... and they've all somehow found their way to peace and hope through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Northern Lights isn't designed to be a source of doctrine or a voice to influence Church policy. It's not carefully designed to have a political impact or sway the masses. My sole hope in joining Northern Lights is to better lead people to Christ. I add my voice to others, and together we all help people look towards Heaven, sort of like how the constantly shifting and changing Northern Lights help you look up at the sky towards the symbolic North Star... towards Christ.

I'd like to add my own personal testimony to this effort. When I was searching for hope, peace, and understanding in my life, there was nothing I wanted more than to find someplace where I could have my questions answered... to find someone who knew what I was going through... and to find proof that what I truly wanted in my heart - to live the gospel and find peace in my soul - was possible. I think that Northern Lights will do that, and not just for people like me, but maybe for people all over the world.

The only way that we will really make a difference is if we somehow reach those who are looking. So I'm asking you to share the message... and promising that if you do, the people who need it will find it. You will change lives without ever knowing.

This is going to be big.

Northern Lights


  1. Hoping for your sake this means you will reveal your identity. Asking for acceptance from others for being your authentic self is key to a happy, content life.

  2. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing this.

    Just curious, with all this big news, will you continue to stay secretly anonymous?

    - Jayne

  3. Very cool, watching this project intently. Forge ahead. It will definitely lead a lot of people closer to Christ.

  4. I sincerely pray that your combined efforts will make a great impact on the faithful conversations of LDS members living with SSA, who desire greatly to find support -- and also to help the rest of us learn more about SSA and how we, too, can be of better support.

    All my best.


  5. One of the reasons I love reading this blog is because it reminds me that no matter what we're struggling with, we all have the same feelings. So often what you share mirrors the feelings of loneliness and depression and gratitude and my burden is different. But we all struggle, we all have to learn to lean on God for support. You turn to him so much easier then I do and you've been a wonderful example when I get to self absorbed with my problems to remember to turn to God.

    I'm glad you guys are creating Northern Lights. I know a few faithful LDS people who deal with same sex attraction and having a community where you can support each other and be a witness for Christ is wonderful.

  6. Northern Lights sounds amazing.

    Hey, Mormon Guy, I imagine someone's already sent this to you, but on the off chance you haven't yet seen it:

  7. Northern Lights is such a wonderful idea! I hope to be able to share it soon through social media. I work with youth in my ward and the effects of SSA are apparent, though most only mention it with casual reference to friends. But faithful youth confronted by the concept need to see that it can be worked with, that hope is possible for staying true to the church. Thanks for your example. I still pray for you and those with SSA often.


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