Sunday, September 9

Mission Memories

I read from one of my mission journals today - the one stuffed with letters written to me by my companions. I had intended to simply look up the first and last name of an elder I served with... and then an hour had passed.

I miss my mission.

I miss the people, having a companion to talk to even if we never really understood each other (and that was almost always the case), the clear direction in exactly what to do each day...

I've had far more missionary experiences since I got home. I realize that the mission is designed to help you develop skills to apply in the rest of life.

Hopefully I learn to apply them.

Either way, I will be forever grateful that I had the opportunity to serve.

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  1. A woman I follow, pointed me to your blog. I've attended some of the Evergreen conferences (even though I'm not gay myself). I learned a lot from my mission companions. Some I really liked, others were "tolerable" ;-)
    BTW, here's a very intellectual (and long) opinion piece from the NY Times that you might find interesting. It doesn't talk about Mormon gays, but it covers just about everything else about Mormon:



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