Sunday, December 30

New Post on Northern Lights - Born That Way

I just finished a post on Northern Lights. It's been on my mind for a bit, talking about the tension between surrendering, following, building off of, or challenging the circumstances we gain by birth.

The link is here:

Born That Way

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  1. That was fantastic David. Whether what we're born with is genetic or social, or whatever, this mortality has a deeper meaning to it than just "I will proceed exactly how I am with what I came into this world with.". That gives birth WAY too much power and the freedom to chose our own destinies so very little. You can live for now and simply do your dharma or you can realize your true potential as a child of God and humbly take the gift of agency and the growth afforded by the atonement of Christ and become a, as the scriptures say, "new creature.". This journey is so individual I would never try to dictate what that means for another with my own limited view.


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