Sunday, December 2


I love Christmas. Except for being swamped with final projects and the inevitable stress that comes with being in charge of music somewhere. Maybe someday I'll just be able to be a performer/choir member everywhere in my life, but it hasn't happened yet. And school ends in just a few days. No matter what happens, at least it will be over.

Today after church Jessie and I were trying to find a good version of "The First Noel" for our ward Christmas program next week and to sing at a fireside or two. This is the one we decided on.

I know that Christ lives. That He leads and guides the Church. And that, because of His life, death, and resurrection, we can find peace, happiness, and hope in the gospel no matter what we face.


(The usual recording caveats: the iPhone I recorded on was at a better distance this time, and we ran through it twice before recording, but there's still no touch up. Ever since a kid named Erwin in 6th grade told me he hated hearing my voice, I've been uber-critical of anything that comes out of my mouth. I'm trying to get over that. Just don't hate me when I go ten cents flat.)


  1. David, this is a huge step for you! I know you are trying hard to be more vulnerable and I think it's wonderful. There is so much beauty to be found in imperfection. Keep putting yourself out there. Getting to know the real MG is wonderful.

  2. Only one piece of advice.... forget what Erwin said. And keep singing! That was beautiful!

  3. David,

    Sorry to only be hearing this for the first time tonight. It has been a crazy couple weeks at work, with almost no time left for anything else. Erwin was delusional. You have a really nice voice. Thanks for recording this and posting it.


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