Friday, March 25

Why I Believe: Modern Prophets

I grew up learning the names of latter-day prophets from a song in Primary - "Latter-day Prophets" - slowly adding on new names to the end as time moved forward. I learned about the lives they lived and the place they held in guiding and directing the Church, and found meaning in the Lord's decision to call each to serve. But how does that apply to me, personally?

God married Adam and Eve for forever while they were perfect in the Garden of Eden... but I'm not perfect. And when I need the most help from God and His power, it's often because I'm imperfect. A prophet is a man called of God who is given the authority and responsibility to act in His name for the welfare of His people. The Priesthood, and the organization of the Church, is how God has chosen to extend His power, physically, to help me grow to be worthy to stand in His presence. Because there is a prophet, my dad can give me a Priesthood blessing of healing and comfort... and give me counsel on personal issues that he doesn't know. Because there is a prophet, I can serve others and bless their lives through the Priesthood. Because there is a prophet, I can know the doctrine of Christ as it applies to me & to everyone. 

In one week is General Conference. The prophet and each member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles will speak... and something they say will resonate in my heart and guide me to becoming a better man. Last October's General Conference precipitated the first massive wave of readers to (Gay) Mormon Guy. I'm excited to hear the prophets' voices as they apply in my life... in my day... to my problems. Over the next week, in preparation, I'll make a list of questions in my life to which I need answers. I'll take extra time to study the scriptures, to pray in faith... and I'll make sure that there aren't any unfinished projects hanging over into Conference weekend. And the answers will come. They always do. Sometimes they come to my heart as I'm listening to the talks, and sometimes it sounds like the talks were written specifically for me. The Lord loves me and speaks to me through the Spirit and through the mouth of His prophets. And that's why I believe.


  1. I first loved General Conference because it was my favorite holiday. I loved the way my extended family gathered together and the love we all felt.

    After a while I began to feel what the adults were feeling for myself. The love that God's prophets have for all people, and most specifically the love that God had for me by providing me specific help right when I need it.

    Even in moments of crisis when my resolve is shaken, I have never wondered about the prophets. It's difficult to explain, but the Spirit has a way of getting us what we need when we're ready.

  2. Thank you so much, I have never been more inspired and moved by a blog post. I know I stumbled across your blog today for a reason.

  3. I love sitting through 8 hours of spiritual growth, and then walking into the next week determined to make something better of myself. It's a bi-annual kick in the pants that I definitely need.


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