Saturday, March 2

#gaymormon Twitter Chat Today at 12MST

Hey all. Today is the first ever Twitter chat on all things gay and Mormon. Come join the conversation - you're invited whether you're gay, Mormon, one, both, or neither.

The topic is the Church's site

If you've been to a Twitter chat before, here are the details:

Time: 12:00:00 MST
Hashtag: #gaymormon

If you don't know what a Twitter chat is, keep reading. I'll give you step-by-step instructions on what to expect and how to participate. And you want to join - it should be cool.

1. Log in to Twitter at or using another service. If you don't have a Twitter account, make one. You live in a world of social media.

2. At the specified time (noon today), search for the hashtag #gaymormon - make sure to check time zones. The #gaymormon chat will always be at 12:00 mountain on Saturdays.

3. Someone (today me) will ask questions by prefacing their post with a Q and the number of the question. So the first question will be this: Q1: What were your initial reactions to the mormonsandgays site?

4. If you want to join the conversation, just write a tweet that uses the hashtag #gaymormon - if you are answering a question, begin your tweet with A - so my answer to question 1 would be: A1: I was in class and was so excited that I totally stopped paying attention.

Remember, ALWAYS use the #gaymormon hashtag - otherwise no one will be able to see what you write.

5. As people write tweets using #gaymormon, they will appear on your screen immediately. You may have to click something that says "2 new tweets" or something similar. So it's sort of like a conversation where everyone can talk and everyone can listen at the same time.

Invite your friends! Twitter chats are cool regardless of how many people show up. And, if you didn't already know, I'm @gaymormonguy

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