Saturday, June 22


1. I finished an outline for the novel (series?) I'm writing called Jason & the Rockbiters. I began it a bunch of years ago, but stopped writing because I didn't feel I had the writing skills to make it happen (and the plot had died). I gave the first few chapters to my brother and he still remembers being frustrated when I didn't know what happened next. But as of today, the outline is finished, and it includes some pretty awesome twists and turns. Now I just need to write it, and my writing skills have improved dramatically over the last years. I think it may need to be a multi-book thing because of the character development needed to pull the ending off. But it's moving. Definitely exciting.

2. Worldwide Broadcast tomorrow. This is the first time that part of New Mission President's Seminar has ever been made public. And I have tickets to be in the audience at the Marriott Center. Epic. And I know some of the people who are helping translate for rebroadcasts and who are working on the website that will launch along with the broadcast tomorrow. And, years ago, when I was working on curriculum development for the MTC, I helped write outlines that actually got used by apostles in mission president's seminar. I'm sure they're a hundred editions beyond, but I still feel connected. Really exciting. And I guess I'll be live-tweeting.

3. My family is in town. I forget how much I miss and love them when they are gone until they come back. And how much better of a person I am when I can bounce ideas off of my little sister or talk about them with my mom or dad. They're here for a while... and I'm glad that they are... I think that's the reason why the outline for Jason & the Rockbiters suddenly happened - I was talking with my little sister about life and it occurred to me that I should just try to write an outline and see what happens. I'm excited to see what else happens.

4. Totally random, and probably uninteresting, but I went to a family pool party today and didn't sunburn. I stayed out of the sun for a bunch, coated myself with sunscreen, and got out before I started feeling burned. And I'm not. :) For someone who has skin that is usually either snow-white or magenta, that's exciting.


  1. #4 would you say your skin is "white and delightsome"? :)

    1. Definitely not. I think vitiligo precludes my ever being a supermodel.

  2. My disabled daughter and I are excited about this broadcast today. So much is happening right now. The signs of the times are all around us, and this missionary effort is truly one of them. And congrats on your novel series. That sounds so exciting for you! Have a great Sunday...Enjoy the broadcast.


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