Sunday, September 8

*sigh* :)

Some days life is just good.

Today was one of those days.

Stressful beyond measure - cleaning up the flooded basement, realizing my car windows were open during the deluge yesterday (and the seats are still dripping), scrambling to create programs for church and organize an impromptu choir for ward conference, teaching Sunday school with a member of the stake presidency present on 0 second notice, Twitter not working on my phone while I live-tweet the #CESDevo (CES Devotional)... the usual.

But, in the end, it all worked out.

We pulled up the brand new carpet and it's safely drying. So we re-lay it. Whatever. I used towels in the car to keep my suit dry. The program was functional and had at least some of the right people on it. The choir swelled from 6 people right before church to over 20 when two of the six members got desperate. Sunday school turned out beautifully. And Twitter sent the tweets eventually, and Elder Nelson's talk was really good.

In addition, I had a few conversations with friends where I got to see the Spirit touch their hearts. I realize that God is continually touching lives... even so, it's always amazing to be there to see it happen.

I'm sore, exhausted, happy, and loved.


Life is good.


  1. Where so many would have seen only lemons in most of the events you experienced over the past 24 hours... you made lemonade (sugar free of course). And the last two words in this post. Wow. I loved seeing that. You're awesome my friend.


  2. I'm glad you can see the good even when stress seems to be happening all around you.


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