Friday, October 1

In the Presence of Others

Sometimes being around people is exhausting. And sometimes it’s amazing. Tonight was amazing. I talked with friends, laughed, and had a great time. And at the times when I felt like tired of talking, the times when I really just wanted to go home and go to sleep, I turned to another person and began a conversation… and that conversation gave me the strength to start another, and another.

Being an extrovert when, inside, I’m still an introvert at heart, is both draining and invigorating. It takes everything inside of me to stay at a social gathering – until I’ve begun a conversation. And once that happens, I feel at ease… until the conversation inevitably ends. And then I feel like I want to go home again.

But I don’t go home. I stay, talk with more people, and have a great time. I meet new friends, teach others about the gospel, and find ways to bless the lives of the people around me. And then I come home, think about it, maybe write about it, and then finally go to sleep.

I think that there is great strength in social activities in life. Being with people – meeting them, lifting them, laughing with them, simply spending time with them – has a powerful influence on me. And when they are good people, my life is changed for the better… just by being in their presence.


  1. I admire your strength and courage. You are much stronger than I in your trials and triumphs.
    Keep writing. It remind me that my own trials are nothing in comparison.
    Blessed be Brother.

  2. Susanne: To each his or her own lot in life. We're different people, with different innate strengths and weaknesses... and so we have different experiences to help us come unto Christ.

    If we all lift where we stand, then together we can move the world. Thanks for your comment and your faith. Welcome to (Gay) Mormon Guy.

  3. You and I probably have quite a bit in common.

  4. Hey. I just found your blog :) I love it. I'm straight, but I find that everything you say is so filled with the Spirit and can be applied to my life, anyways. Which is awesome, and probably a little self-centered, haha.

    For all of my life, I've been a total introvert. I'm just not interested in people, usually. The problem is, I don't like being an introvert. I wish I could go to a party or hang out with friends and feel like I actually belonged there, like this was a better use of my time than sitting around at home. I agree that having conversations makes it so much easier, but the hardest thing for me is starting them at all. But I think I'll try it next time. Thank you.


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