Saturday, October 9

Thanks for Paying it Forward

Wow. Yesterday there were 1200 new visitors to (Gay) Mormon Guy. Welcome. And thank you. I'll write today and answer every comment, but I wanted to say thank you to everyone who is doing what I can't - posting on facebook, writing on other blogs, or simply sharing the message with people outside of my influence.

This blog is my way of paying it forward - sharing the truth and blessings God has given to me. I've wondered how I could touch more lives... how I could take the message and get it to the people who need to hear it... and I'm grateful that each of you is willing to help. May the Lord bless you and inspire you as you pay it forward... as you reach out and share the light of the gospel with the world.


  1. It is so refreshing to see someone with this temptation fight it!! Way to go! You will definitly give others strength and courage to do the same by putting your perspective out there. It took a lot of courage on your part but you are definitly making a difference in a way that only someone that has actually felt same gender attraction can. Keep up the good fight and I wish you happiness and joy in your life!

  2. It has been soooooooooooo (with tweleve os) fun, to watch the number of followers to your blog go up and up and up as I refresh the browser.
    Thanks for your courage and I'm definitely going to keep linking your blog!

  3. Have you ever considered writing a book? The reason I ask is because recently, Covenant just released a book of mine, entitled, "Mother Had a Secret". It is a true story about what life was like growing up with my mother who was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. While the subject of mental illness is far different than SSA, it still has the same basis, they both carry stigmas with them and most people keep them secret. People should not have to fear what will happen if the world found out their inner secrets. We all have our challenges, and we all must learn the lessons that come with those challenges. I am sure there are many people out there who suffer with the same trials that you carry who would benefit very much from your perspective and advice as they try to combat their own trials. You would be an inspiration to many and help the world (and members of the church) realize that we need to talk about it and we need to love and accept all God's children. You would do a lot of good, not only for those LDS members who suffer with SSA, but also for those church members who need to learn love and compassion for others. Just a thought. You are a remarkable man with a valuable and important mission on this earth. Good luck and God bless!

  4. i just read a comment on cjane's blog that linked to this blog, and I was so excited! I came over here and read some of your posts and loved them!! I am a married LDS woman. My best friend is a gay LDS man. I love him so much! I love listening to him and talking to him, and his views are so similar to yours. It just makes me happy to know that there are more people in the world like him, like you. Love your words! THANK YOU for sharing your soul and your wisdom with the world!

  5. Thank you! That's all. Thank you.

  6. I just found your blog and I wanted to thank you for it. My brother is gay, was raised Mormon, and ended up leaving the Church over the issue. I have never doubted my own faith in the church and appreciate this form to openly discuss these issues.

  7. Thank you for writing your feelings on President Packer's talk. I have observed this last week and a half as (non-gay) mormons have debated it up one side and down the other, but yours is the first gay voice I have heard speak on the subject. Thank you for weighing in thoughtfully and thoroughly.
    I have a family member who is bi. This person has married and is raising children, but still struggles with SSA in spite of being very in love with his spouse. His spouse struggles with it too, as one might imagine. However they are making it. The SSA doesn't have to "go away" for a person to be able to live with it and move forward. I hope for all the best for you. I can only begin to understand how hard the road is, but you are not alone--there are others who are making it work too.

  8. Thanks so much for you post about Pres Packers talk. There has been so much heated (and heartbreaking) debate over it. I truly appreciate your testimony and mostly your willingness to share it. You have broadened my understanding and yet have also been able to eloquently put into words many similar thoughts and emotions on the subject that I am unable to put into words in an understandable way. :) I posted a link on my facebook so others can (hopefully) gain more understanding as well. Thank you!


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