Sunday, December 23

All is Well

There are a thousand things that I could be doing right now. My family arrived last night, and spending time with my parents or with younger siblings who are all finally old enough to hold a conversation could last forever. I have emails to write, scriptures to read, people to thank who have been there for us while CJ has been going through chemo.

But I'm sitting quietly in my room, reflecting on a thought I had hours ago that hasn't left me since.

All is well.

It was during the Christmas program for the family ward. We went to Church twice today, and one of the last pieces was called "All is Well." And it made me stop and think.

I've been to a dozen Christmas concerts and musical programs. Planned events. Worried about my own life and the lives of others. Tried to figure out my own plans. Been frustrated at my inadequacies. But, today, I feel like the Spirit of Christmas broke through the festive cheer to speak to my heart and soul.

All is well.

All is well. All is well. Christ has come. All is well. Sing Alleluia. All is well.

I know the truth that prophets have sought for centuries. God has restored His priesthood power to the world. I have the power to choose the right and return to Him someday. And, looking holistically on my life, I've been inordinately blessed. God guides my footsteps and opens doors in my path, answers my prayers when I pray, and has promised me everything if I am faithful.

I may live with trying circumstances, with hope that flares and falters, peace that comes and goes with the external aspects of life. But at the end of the day, Christ has come to save me... and offers me His peace.

I know that Jesus is the Christ. That He has suffered all pains and sorrows so that I can find happiness in my own travails. No matter what I face - the isolation of autism or the despair of depression, the temptations and frustration of same-sex attraction and the normal lot of inadequacies in life - God is there. I know that He has revealed the pathway to happiness... and as long as I am moving down that path, it will all work out in the end.

Have faith. Have hope. Let His love and peace fill your heart and soul.

All is well.

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