Thursday, December 6

Woah! Official Church Site On Mormons and Gays!

This just happened.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints just launched an official site talking specifically and exclusively about same-gender attraction and its interaction with Church doctrine, culture, and teachings.

The site includes videos from Church leaders and others who describe how to find hope and faith through living the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Read it, share it with all your friends.

This is epic.

Links to news articles discussing the site:

Deseret News (includes quotes from official LDS spokesman Michael Purdy and LGBTQ community leaders):

Official LDS Newsroom:


  1. I was just about to email you the link, glad you found it already!

  2. Epic is right! I love this website already.

  3. It's about time! So happy to see this, and hoping it will change hearts and minds of Church members.

  4. I also just saw this site today and thought of you - especially when watching Ty's story. I loved how he said that he just had to decide he was putting God first and whether he got married now or later it didn't matter. Very impressive.

  5. It's a beautiful day. I'm jealous of the young ones who have all these tools and helps available to them, but I'm also very glad this is happening.

  6. This might be just what I need to be active in the church again. - genderqueer female

  7. When I was in my YSA ward back in the day there was at least one guy a year who left the church because of SSA. Most of them were great members, but struggled with this and the members acceptance of them. The funny and sad thing is that the YSA ward I was in was a very liberal ward (for Mormons). A lot of liberal arts, theater, art majors. There were a couple of groups in the ward who hung out together who were very open and accepting of people. I think those members who left did it because they thought they wouldn't be accepted because of the Mormon culture in general. They didn't open themselves up to the possiblity that they would be accepted with open arms. Which I believe they would of been. So I'm hoping that this website will bring these members back and help some who are thinking about leaving because of this issue.

  8. The new website is great! Thanks for sharing!

  9. i am just wondering, while homosexuality is a unique issue, does the Church have other equivalent official websites for other things?
    like say... ? ? ? ? ? ?

    or is homosexuality for some reason singled out?

    1. This is actually one of a number of sites specifically about individual things that members face. The Church has had sites about disabilities and other aspects for a few years, and continues to release others that address issues that face members as time goes on.


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