Monday, December 10

Finals Schedule for Tuesday

5:30 - wake up to prep food for the Organizational Behavior Student Association (OBSA) Christmas party.

6:55 - set up the slow cookers in the MBA Lounge to finish 12 hours later.

7:00 - get to my first final. Brand management. Cram 60 slides because I haven't had time to study yet.

9:00 - meet with a professor to prepare for the review session I'm hosting for 1st year operations.

11:00 - another final. I'm not totally sure what I need to prepare for this one. I think I'm supposed to write a 5-page essay.

12:00 - host review session for operations. Expect about 120 people, and go over the entire course in 2 hours. 30 minutes of buffer time for questions.

2:30 - meet with partner to prepare an hour-and-a-half long presentation for Wednesday.

5:00 - final class for a class that (thankfully) doesn't have a final. I need to finish reading a book before then. I don't know where the book is.

6:30 - OBSA Christmas party. I'm in charge of bringing food for the vegans/vegetarians.

When we remake the educational paradigm, can we demolish finals? Please?


  1. Are you vegan? If so, that's awesome!

  2. I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it. :-) BYU finals are hard! Good luck!

  3. Wow, that's a busy schedule. Now try it with a wife and several children who all have holiday activities, too. Make sure everyone has musical concerts on the same night. Oh, and final exams to boot. Better yet, write, proctor, and grade the final exams. The holiday leadup period at the end of fall semester always seems to be insanely busy. I just tell myself not to worry. Do your best and it will all be over soon. And then it will be Christmas break, one of my absolute favorite times of the year.

  4. Good luck with the hard schedule!!! I would be interested in some of your favorite vegan/vegetarian recipes! You know-- in all that spare time you have!

  5. Agreed! After I graduate, I want to audit BYU classes as a non-degree seeking student, and see if I'll learn from my classes better without having the excuse of grades.

  6. Dave, it sucks to be you, with that schedule. That aside, I enjoyed having your wonderful voice in my ear when we sang congregational hymns in the fireside last week. Being hard of hearing, it's the only way I get to sing, is if someone sitting next to my good ear belts it out. Thank you for helping me out that way.


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