Saturday, September 11

I Love...

...hearing the promises that God makes to me in the temple
...talking with a friend until midnight about anything and everything
...the feeling when God tells me that He loves me

...eating stuff that tastes really good, is really inexpensive, and is healthy

...attending Stake Conference and feeling like the talks were written just for me
...receiving revelation to know how to help a friend in need
...the feeling when everything is finally finished for the week and I can prepare for Sunday
...laughing as my friends and I try to understand each other
...reading comments on my blog
...having candid conversations with God, and hearing His voice
...the awesome soreness that comes from doing a crazy workout
...feeling, for just a moment in Stake Conference, that I'm just like everybody else
...hiking (even though I probably won't get to Timp this season - sigh)
...knowing, in my heart, that, as long as I am doing what is right, everything will work out in the end

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