Sunday, September 26

Taking Care of Myself

In my fast today, I asked the Lord to help me be a better servant. To know what I could do to be more effective in helping people around me, fulfilling my calling, being a student of life and a better friend. I went to sleep last night exhausted, but convinced that the Lord would help me find the answer.

This morning I slept through my alarm. 

I woke up to sunlight and knew I had missed the first of my meetings. A quick check of my phone revealed two things: 1 - It was definitely 8:10. 2 - I had somehow turned off the alarm in my sleep. Five minutes later I was out the door, dressed in a suit and tie, wondering if anyone would even still be there.

As I drove and shaved (electric razor - I'm not that crazy), the Lord had a candid conversation with me - one that had begun during my short morning prayer. 

"Mormon Guy, you want to be a better servant, right?" 
"Yeah. So I can be a better missionary and help the people around me."
"You need to take care of yourself, physically."
"But I don't have enough time. I don't have time to sleep right now - and people who need me are more important, right? I try to exercise and eat healthily, but it's hard. Things just chip away at my time. It's all I can do to stay spiritually strong. I read my scriptures every day, pray, and attend the temple. Where am I going to find more time?"
"You wanted the answer. You need to take care of yourself."

And then I realized why I had slept through my alarm.

I haven't been getting enough sleep lately. I don't have time to make healthy food. And I find myself working until 11:30 at night, then realizing that I never went to the gym and it just closed. It's time to reset my alarm clock - to re-prioritize my time.

The issue isn't just being able to accomplish everything in my life. In my mind, I still believe I'm Superman. The biggest issue is ensuring that I take time for myself, along with giving away my time to everyone around me. Sleep, healthy food, exercise, and time to relax. When I take the time, I'm able to be more effective and accomplish more.

So I made the promise. I'll get eight hours of sleep each night. I'll eat a healthy breakfast and make food to take with me for lunch each day. I'll exercise six times a week. I'll take time each day to relax and unwind - time when I pull myself away from the demands of life and can simply think about who I am and who I want to be. I promised to take better care of myself, and, in return, the Lord promised to help me become a better servant, a better friend, and a better son.


  1. Beck: Thanks for the support. Day 1 is going well. At least I'm trying.

  2. How has this been going for you? Those are some pretty diligent goals and I too have had the same "dialog" with God aka his messenger, my bishop.

    Loving and taking care of myself is a direct line to loving Gods creations and when I think of it that way... It's a ton easier for me to make myself a priority when I want to help and serve so many people.

    Hope it's going well!

  3. Alexis:
    Some of it is going well, and some I still feel like I'm beginning over and over again. Like the breakfast thing. Someday I'll get it.

    But sleep and dealing with stress are happening. I've just decided to make them happen, and everything else is falling into (or out of) place. The results are amazing - I'm able to accomplish more and I feel better about life. Miracles happen.

    Thanks for your comment and your support. And welcome to (Gay) Mormon Guy.


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