Tuesday, September 28

Moments of Plenty

There are times in my life when everything seems to be going right. I lose my ever-present stress, my attraction to guys seems to all but disappear, and life is amazing. The moments are sometimes short and sometimes long... but no matter how long they are or when they arrive, I feel peace, hope, happiness, and faith. I call them moments of plenty.

When Pharaoh had a dream in Egypt, the Lord instructed him to gather during the years of plenty to help his people thrive during the years of want. They gathered for seven years, building storage barns and undertaking an incredible effort to ensure that they would have enough during the years to come. When the famine came, they were ready... and also able to help other people affected by that famine.

The gospel follows the same principles. When I gather during the moments of plenty - recording my thoughts, taking time to recognize the Lord's hand in my life, and establishing positive habits - then living and thriving during the moments of want becomes possible. I have a store of memories, inspirational thoughts, promises, and blessings that I use to bless my life and the lives of those around me... and those memories help us survive whatever trials may be in store.

This evening I had a moment of plenty - a few hours where I forgot the stress of my everyday and simply enjoyed life, people, and living. I wanted to record it here. I know that life will work out, and that the Lord will bless me and grant me all the blessings I need to live with Him someday. I don't know what tomorrow will bring, but tonight I am simply happy... living in a moment of plenty.

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