Thursday, January 6

The Man I Want to Be: the 12th Day of Christmas

Today I was watching people... And today I noticed numerous examples of people who put their own desires above others, and vice versa. I saw how sometimes being humble and selfless meant that they made sacrifices - sometimes big and sometimes small... but they did it out of love. I want to be known for helping people to feel like I care about and value what they think - not just what I feel. I want to be a friend to anyone who asks... even if that is hard. 

The 12 days of Christmas were originally each symbols of icons in Christian Christmas traditions - from 5 - the gold that the wise men brought to 1 - Christ hanging on the cross. This is the first year I've thought about them... and looking back at the last twelve days, I realized that my experiences have helped me see the type of man I want to be... and what I want to avoid. Here are the things I took from each day in the last two weeks... and the traits and characteristics I want to have in my own life.

1st day of Christmas: integrity, loyal, kind... and willing to listen
2: Making a difference, loving, being a dreamer
3: helping people feel involved, loved, a part of the group
4: prayerful, spiritual
5: optimistic
6: patient & courageous
7: peaceful
8: intense
9: committed
10: honest
11: faithful
12: selfless

Someday, hopefully, I'll be all those things. In the meantime, they'll work as new year resolutions, or temporary long-term goals. And they are helping me to find good friends - men who are striving to live according to the same law.

May the Spirit of Christ, as part of Christmas, be with you today and always.

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  1. Thank you so much for being such a great example! I know that we don't have the same trials but you have been such an example of faith to me. Your testimony is so strong and how can you NOT be blessed for that?! Come on! Thank you for writing and uplifting others. You are blessing others with this blog.


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