Friday, January 7

Simple Things

I had a bunch of plans today, and, one after another, most of them fell through. At first I wondered what I'd do with the extra, unplanned time... and how I would keep my mind occupied.

So I turned on Pandora to my showtunes station, and I've been listening for hours as life goes on. So my plans for tonight disappeared, in an instant, after weeks of planning and after a long drive to get where I thought I was going. But I'm good. I have a few dates planned for the next week - and they're with people who won't cancel on me. And belting (and pretending no one can hear) "Music of the Night" and a hundred other Broadway classics really makes it okay. I sometimes forget how amazing, powerful, and peaceful music can be.


  1. This makes me wish we were friends even more.

  2. I just wanted to let you know that your trials have helped me so much. It was the reminder I needed to have faith and patients to get through. I do not deal with the same things you do, but what you express about relying on our Savior and fully giving our self and all our pain and sorrow to him, is what anyone who lives and breathes can do to find peace.

    Some times we are standing out side the door to a scary dark room. We are often to scared to take that first step because of the unknown. When we look to the Lord, the faith we have in him can illuminate the darkest of rooms!

    Keep using your talents to help others. It's making a difference.


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