Friday, December 31

A New Year's Prayer: the 6th Day of Christmas

From the darkness of my sorrow, dearest Father, bring me light.
Help me change and become better as I try to choose the right.
Dry my tears and ease my pain when I am crying in the night and feel alone; please help me feel Thy love.

In the place of hatred, give me love.
For sadness, give me peace.
And from my trials and temptations give me hope to find release...
While I toil through affliction help me never, ever cease to turn to Thee, and follow in Thy way.

Give me strength to choose the right and live throughout the day
Give me courage to extend my hand, helping others find the way
Give me patience to accept Thy will and see the shining ray... of peace that comes to all those who obey.

Give me love to be a friend to those who stand along life's path.
Give me friends who stand beside me though they may not understand.
Give me faith that I may always see the presence of Thy hand
in this New Year...

Happy New Year. May God be with you.

Mormon Guy


  1. Just a random thought: This post totally reminds me of the random chain letters I get from distant cousins, each one full of something inspirational promises of endless wealth if you flood the world with chain letters, and the warning "IF YOU DO NOT FORWARD THIS LETTER TO AT LEAST 15 PEOPLE YOU WILL NEVER FIND TRUE LOVE."

    I've never forwarded a chain letter. But I'm at least 90% certain that has very little bearing on my current or future relationship status. :)

  2. Lovely prayer. :) Happy New Year!

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