Friday, December 17

Unconditional Love

Some of my friends are college students, and they're not very responsive during the time of finals. Some days I wonder if they have completely dropped off the face of the planet, or, much worse, if I've done something to merit their running away at top speed without saying goodbye. I'm pretty sure that I'm not a bad influence in their lives, and I think way too highly of people to make assumptions about them. So, instead of dropping them when they become unresponsive, I've decided to be better than just a fair weather friend... and assume that people still need to be loved even when they don't reciprocate.

It's actually pretty obvious... I mean, being a good friend means being a friend through thick and thin. Don't hate me for not completely understanding and implementing this.

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  1. i totally understand where you're coming from! granted i don't go through the same difficulties as you, but i feel that way a lot with my friends. i guess college age kids are just naturally more selfish than regular adults (not always a bad thing!) so that might explain their behavior, in a way. you're a lot braver than me, forshor--usually i just tell my friends to all go to youknowhere (always privately). but then i come to understand a little how they're feeling, & it makes me feel a little better. but especially in the church, i think people tend to get a little in over their heads with their status, or whatever, & sometimes they're not always kind. i'm not saying EVERY member is like that, 'cause that's not true. but i think we have to try a little harder sometimes to be the better person. it's so hard though! but every time this happens, i think the Lord makes us stronger.
    there's clueless people everywhere--good thing you're such a nice guy! :)


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