Tuesday, November 23


Wind, snow, swirling clouds and biting cold... And yet I look at the world and see the crystal snow, the beauty, the snow banks drifting across the road. It's amazing how life can change... when nothing on the outside is really any different. Yesterday I felt like dying. Today I have a new lease on life. Nothing has changed. Life is still going to be hard; the snow is still cold; and I know the pain will come back. But at least now I have one more battle won, one more mountain climbed, one more memory to hold as proof that God loves me and is involved in my life. Somehow the swirling, twisting clouds disappear... leaving behind a winter wonderland. I haven't yet seen the clearing of my own clouds, but with the passing of each tempest, I find I have greater strength to weather the coming of another storm.


  1. This is a video I watched today. As I watched it I thought of things you have written, and felt that I should share this with you. You may have already seen it, but it is something that has touched me, and I know it can touch everyone. Thank you so much for you strength.


  2. I'm giving a talk this Sunday on love and inclusion, and I want to make the point that tolerance isn't enough. Do you mind if I quote from your blog? Is there anything specific you would want shared from the pulpit if I was speaking in your ward?

  3. Aubrey:

    You're welcome to share anything from my blog that fits the topic and teaches good principles. As far as what to share, tell your own story - what you have learned and how you learned it, how learning to love others has changed your own life. I have an amazing experience almost every week in Sacrament meeting... And those who are listening will be able to hear the message you share. For the people struggling with trials, share a message of hope. For those on the outside, share a message of love. And bear your testimony that Christ will fulfill His promises, always, in His own due time.


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