Monday, November 15

I know. I'm crazy. But at least I'm not bad crazy.

A few weeks ago I wrote about how I wanted to find a way to put the scriptures on an .mp3 player and take them with me wherever I go. Well, I finally did it. And today while lifting weights I listened to the entire Book of Mormon. (Tomorrow I'll start Ether) I know I'm crazy. But I have to be crazy. It's the only way I stay spiritually safe in the face of trials.

As I looked around me at the gym, I wondered what everyone else was listening to... and realized that I had absolutely no clue. Maybe they're listening to Chopin or Beethoven, or the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, or the scriptures. Or maybe just whatever workout songs are playing over and over in their heads.

And I realized how easy it is to judge people by their outward appearances. Anyone who saw me wouldn't guess that I'm listening to Moroni tell a story of destruction... Just as sometimes I look at people around me and instantly type them by what I can see on the surface. It's not a bad thing unless I'm unwilling to learn more - to break the type cast and become a friend. Maybe the person who is overly quiet in Church meetings is learning something amazing from the Lord. Who am I to judge another? "Judge not unrighteously... For with that judgment with which ye judge, so also shall ye be judged."


  1. When I was in the singles ward a girl started talking to me and after a while she said, "You know, I thought you were stuck up, but you're really nice." "Why would you think I was stuck up." "Because you're so quiet, I thought you were one of those who thinks you're better than everyone else." "No, I'm just shy." It's amazing how quickly we judge others.

  2. Just like President Monson's talk at the latest RS meeting.

  3. I love that you've downloaded the scriptures. My dad goes running every morning - several miles - and he listens to Conference talks the whole way. He says it's a great way to refresh your memory and spirit between Conference sessions.

    And props to you for working out! I'm STILL trying to work up a schedule that I can actually stick to, haha. One of these days I'll get it, I swear!

  4. I totally agree with your method of staying strong in the face of trials. Call me crazy too, but I listen to Hugh Nibley on my mp3 in the middle of the night when I can't sleep. I have links to his talks to download on my blog. I always manage to hear something new and love his sense of humor.

  5. This made me giggle because the last time I was at the gym, (a few days ago) I was listening to classical music on my ipod, while reading a cheesy novel, while cycling on the stationary bike. You really never know what someone may be listening to at the gym. :)


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