Saturday, September 25

Preparing for General Conference

For whatever reason, my life is chaotic and turbulent whenever General Conference comes around. General Conference is in a week. And so my life is chaotic and turbulent. I'm more stressed than I can imagine. I have no idea what the future holds. And I move forward.

Amid the stress and the struggle of life, I'm anxious for the opportunity to listen to prophets speak to me... to change the course of my life once again. Each General Conference since I was 12, I've attended General Conference with questions in mind - questions that I need answered in my life. The answers always come, and they shape who I am until the next time the Lord gives me direction. I'm beginning to form the questions in my mind that I will take with me next week. How can I be a better missionary? How can I be a better friend? How can I live the gospel more fully in my life? (And the normal what will I be when/if I ever grow up?) I expect that (most of) the answers will come.

Simply put, I just take a question with me. I think of the thing that I need to know - the question that is burning inside of me - and I ask the question before I go, and then I listen for the answer. It's really simple. And every single time I have gone with a question, the Lord has helped me come closer to the answer. Sometimes He answers me outright, and it sounds as if the prophet or apostles are speaking directly to me. And sometimes, as I am listening, thoughts collect in my mind and help me better understand gospel principles that apply to my life.

I find that it's easier to hear answers when I'm prepared. I've been taking the time to read my scriptures every day, without fail. I pray each morning and each night. I attend the temple at least once a week. Hopefully, when Conference comes in seven days, I'll be prepared to hear the things I need to hear... to become a better person, to become a better friend and missionary, and to live a happier, more fulfilled life.

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