Friday, September 3

Wow. I'm way busy.

You may have noticed that I missed a day of posting a few days back. Or that some of the posts are much shorter than others. Part of that is due to the fact that I'm crazy busy right now. I rarely get to sleep when I want to, and I'm exhausted much more than I'd really like to admit. I get home and my entire body aches. Yeah, I do crazy workouts, but I'm not used to the feeling-like-I'm-walking-dead motif. I mean, I try to take care of my body and be a great example to other people... but sleep and stress are taking their tolls on me.

Some days I know what to write here, and some days I just want to go to sleep. But I still come back, because I feel drawn here. I probably will never meet you. I may not ever hear your story. And I may not ever know if my story is helping you overcome struggles in your life. But maybe it is... or maybe someday it might help one person. What if that one person were me? Or my brother? Or my best friend? One person is enough to keep going.


  1. I am glad that you take the time to write your blog.

  2. Thanks, eurohistorynut - really. Knowing that people are here, reading, and appreciate the time I spend, makes it worth whatever it takes. Welcome to (Gay) Mormon Guy.

  3. No problem. I try to read your blog as often as I can. It is sort of comforting knowing that I am not the only one who has to go through this.

  4. I am grateful you take the time to share your story as well. It is inspiring me in more ways than one :)

  5. I really hope one day you realize how many people you are inspiring. Just looking at your followers is an idea. I know you have already started to give me strength, and I've only started reading your blog yesterday. I'm glad you made your blog easy to find. Because "gay support lds" is exactly what I googled for, and here you are. Thank you for your strength.


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