Friday, February 4

Blogging when there's nothing to blog about

Most of the time I have an idea of what I'm going to post before I begin writing. The topics develop and coalesce as I write, teaching me new things and giving insight into how I feel. Sometimes it's cathartic, sometimes it's an incredible learning experience. And almost always it leaves me feeling better than I began.

But the last few days I haven't had much thought about what I want to write. Maybe it's because I've just been busy, or because this blog hasn't been as pressing on my mind, or maybe it's because I just feel peaceful and I don't feel the pressing need to communicate something to the world.

I guess that's an interesting insight - some of the shortest histories we have in scripture cover centuries by simply saying, "And they lived after the manner of happiness." The Nephites, in particular, have incredible histories documenting their wars, sins, destructions, and dysfunctional government. But their books are almost void of the years and days of peace.

So the last few days have been peaceful. Simple. It hasn't been perfect by any means - but I doubt that my life ever will be, since the imperfections of life are what I came here for. I've just felt the inner peace that comes from living the gospel and putting faith in God.

And so that's why I'm writing - to share the simple witness of the peace in my life. From working at the temple to working in general to working in my callings and among my friends, life is good. And if yours isn't right now, then remember that the storm clouds always clear. They often come back, too - I'll probably slam into depression when this is over - but when the sunlight shines from Heaven it's all completely worth it. And that's why I write.

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