Sunday, February 6

Sunday School Marriage Discussions

Somedays I wonder if we really ever talk about anything else.

Today was the first Sunday of the month, which meant that Priesthood meeting today was under the direction of the elder's quorum presidency. Among other things, the discussion turned to preparing for marriage.

If you've read my blog, you know I have strong feelings about the importance of marriage and preparing for it, whether or not it comes in this life. But that realization - that happy, celestial marriages may not be in the mortality for some of the guys in the room - doesn't really hit home in a ward composed of singles... and for most people that realization isn't really relevant to their lives. Most guys who have the desire and work will fall in love with a girl, be married in the temple, and then begin on their rocky journey towards happily ever after. But for some of us the dream is a little fuzzy.

As I expected, as the speaker continued to speak, I saw a handful of guys slowly begin to look at the ground - the look that pretty accurately matches how I sometimes feel in those discussions. I know that some of the guys in my ward feel the same way.

Ultimately, true doctrine is true doctrine, no matter what difficulties or trials I face. I need to prepare physically, mentally, spiritually, financially, emotionally... In every possible way, I need to make sure that I am prepared to be a husband to my future wife and a father to my children.

The amazing thing about the gospel is the universality of gospel principles. Even if I never get married and never have children, I still need to prepare to be a father and husband. In fact, learning those skills will probably be essential in my life.

I guess that's why the Sunday School answers are called Sunday School answers - because, at their root, they're universally applicable. I'm preparing for marriage - preparing to be a husband to my wife, father to my children, and a son to my Father... And in the process I'm coming closer to God.


  1. it's just like the members of the church that live in obscure areas who walk 2 days to go to Temple recommend interview, when the nearest temple is thousands of miles away and they will probably never enter one of the Lord's Temples in their lives. Yet, they live their lives worthy enough to hold a Temple recommend because that's what they know is right. just like you.

  2. "I guess that's why the Sunday School answers are called Sunday School answers - because, at their root, they're universally applicable."


    And I love that first comment, too. You are building on true principles even if you might not see their fruition in this life.

    Wow. That's faith, brother. That's faith. And it inspires me.


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