Monday, February 28

Why I'm a Mormon

I was on a blog the other day and found myself wanting an "I'm a Mormon" button for this blog. I could make one, but the buttons were designed to link to profiles... and since profiles are uniquely linked to your membership number, I can't really create one as Mormon Guy. *sigh* I guess I'll just link to the homepage.

I'm a Mormon.

If I had a profile, this is how I'd answer the question, "Why I'm a Mormon."

Many of the good things in my life come from being a Mormon. A close relationship with my family. The ability to meet new people and immediately share a bond that can develop into friendship. A hugely optimistic worldview. Endless opportunities for service. But the Church doesn't have a corner on family relationships, friendship, happiness, or integrating spirituality and service. If I searched hard enough, I could find ways to get all those outside the Church. But there are some things that I could never find if I left... and those are actually the most compelling. They're worth every sacrifice I've ever and will ever make to stay worthy of them.

The reason why I am a Mormon is because of the unique blessings that come with my membership in the Church:

The gift of the Holy Ghost - which is the promise that, as I live my life righteously, God will always guide and direct my paths, keep me from harm, and inspire me with direct, personal revelation in my mind and heart. This gift alone is worth my membership in the Church and any sacrifice. The Lord has given me promptings that have saved my family's lives, prevented suicides, opened hearts, and changed my own life. And it's more. I can pray, at any time, and hear the voice of the Lord and know His will for me in my life. Not perfectly, and not always with the detail I'd like, but He always answers. And when I pray for peace, I am always surrounded by His love. Those are the promises of the gift of the Holy Ghost - that as I do His will, His Spirit will always be with me.

The power of the Priesthood - the ability to exercise the power of God in behalf of His children here on earth - whether giving a blessing of healing that miraculously makes pain go away, bones heal, and hearts change... exercising power over the elements... or giving a blessing of comfort that opens the windows of Heaven to show God's love. Again, this has saved my life and the lives of others. But more, it has brought incredible peace in a world of pain and chaos.

The blessings of the temple - in the temple I make sacred promises to God, feel His presence, and am able to see perspective in my life. When nothing seems to make sense and I don't know what to do in life, I can go to the temple with an open heart, searching, and I always leave with answers. I've paid thousands of dollars for the opportunity to learn from experts in the world. The preparation of personal worthiness the Lord asks before entering the temple is definitely worth it.

The ability to invite others and see their lives change. The gospel is one of the few things in the world that is really universal. The principles of faith, repentance, making covenants with God, and following His counsel can help every person on the planet live more fulfilled lives and come closer to Christ. And the peace and joy that comes as I see someone's eyes light up - as he makes changes in his life and develops a greater relationship with God - is priceless. Saving a life is nowhere near the miracle of saving and exalting the hopes, dreams, and happiness of another soul.

Yeah. I may have a rough life when I'm attracted to guys and not to girls. And I have a lot of other problems, too. But being a gay Mormon guy (with emphasis on the Mormon part) has been the greatest thing that could ever happen to me. I wouldn't trade my life or my faith for the world. And that's why I'm a Mormon.


  1. You have listed those things that set us apart from the world and I'm glad you recognize them and hold to them!
    Thank you!

  2. very intriguing ... and illuminating. Thank you for sharing.


  3. As I've said over and over when I recommend this site to my friends, this is just inspirational. Thank you.

  4. I think it's cool that you're still a member of the Church, even though you're gay. I know of a few gay guys who have left the Church because of their sexual orientation.

  5. I'm a Mormon, too! :D And you did an awesome job of highlighting some of the blessings of being a Mormon! I LOVE BEING A MORMON!!! :D

  6. I linked to you from Cjane this morning...
    I love how you write from the heart and I can feel your passion in every word. Thank you for stating so beautifully why you are a Mormon. My heart aches for your despair in your struggles, but I see that you do not focus on that- you are positive, and uplifting, and I needed to read that this morning. Thank you for being so honest. I have a family member who struggles in this same way- you have brought wonderful insight about this topic and I will surely share it with her. Being a Mormon is the best thing in my life- not having the gift of the Holy Ghost or the Temple, or Personal revelation would make life miserable, regardless of your personal relationship preference. I cannot imagine life without those blessings- thank you for the reminder.
    I pray you continue to serve and put the Lord first, as you have done so well and I know HE will bless you!

  7. Found you from CJane. Beautifully written. It's nice to read such an honest & uplifting blog from a man.

    Thank you for your contribution to the blogging world and our faith.

    *Really enjoyed the post on fasting!

  8. This is so inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

  9. We all have trials and can only hope to obtain perfection and putith off the natural man that dwells within us all, which would be impossible without the blessings of the gospel.

  10. This is an amazing and uplifting post!! Thank you for reminding me of the blessings of my own membership in the church. I am inspired by your optimism through your trials. Though I don't have the same trials, your post helps put into perspective my own struggles and blessings through it all. Thank you so much for sharing so openly and sincerely. You are truly blessing people's lives through your words and experiences.


  11. Thank you for a very inspirational blog, I love your reasons for loving the gospel. Yes, the emphasis is on Mormon guy, and you should add courage and conviction. Everyone has afflictions and challenges, and you should not think you need to be identified by your affliction.

  12. GMG, you are such a blessing to so many hearts. Your understand for "Why I'm a Mormon" are amazing and touching and true. I'm the daughter of two wonderfully perfect gay fathers and, while I loved them enormously before, it was this church that taught me that I could love them eternally.

    So much love,
    The LadyMo

  13. Ladymo:

    The gospel really is amazing that way - in the end, we can learn to love all men (and we have to in order to be saved) - and as we come closer to God and keep His commandments, we are better able to see people for who they really are, and love them as children of God.

  14. you are WONDERFUL.

    1. What a beautiful testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am a gay older member of the Church and I should have written my testimony long ago.


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