Saturday, August 21

Family - Isn't It About... Time?

When I first saw and heard the Church's public service announcements on the importance of the family, I fell immediately in love. The little girl who asks her dad to read her a story, the sword fighting clip on having fun as a family - this is how I see my own family, and how I see the gospel as part of it. The gospel blesses families... and my family is happier by far with the gospel in our lives.

Family can sometimes bring difficulties or baggage. I don't argue with anyone in the world more than my family members - every single one of them. But I'd also say that few people in the world understand me as well as they do, flawed as their understanding is. They want the best for me, and they're willing to do anything to make it happen in my life.

My family has always encouraged me to do what is right - and sometimes that encouragement turns into exhortation. Not-too-subtle messages that I should date a certain girl, suggestions that I need to prioritize better and spend more time being social because I haven't yet gotten married (and younger family members have), or anything else that is on their minds. In my case, I know that my family is involved in my life because they love me. They're willing to move mountains for me. And even though they will probably never understand my predicament, they are a support and a help to me in facing the trials of my everyday.

I'm grateful for a family that pushes me to do the right things, that expects me to make the right choices. Sometimes I struggle under the pressure to be close-to-perfect in every way, but, ultimately, I realize that, for my family, it's not really pressure or unrealistic expectations - it's a manifestation of their faith. They look at me and see that I'm a son of God. They've supported me in the past and seen my successes. They believe that I'm capable of anything and everything - and, in everything they do, their goal is simply to help me soar.


  1. What a great outlook you have on your family. Many people would be offended or pushed away, feeling that their family was pushing too hard. What a blessing you are in your family!
    All your posts have been inspiring! Thank you!

    Maybe I haven't reached the post yet where you answer this question: What do you tell your family about why no girl you date turns into a deeper relationship? Probably that you just know God has someone for you and you haven't found her yet? Hopefully they don't think you are being too picky. You should be picky, it is an eternal companion not what kind of sandwich you are having for lunch. :)

  2. This nearly palpable expression of love that you have for your family is such a gift. I hope that you tell them often how you feel. You also reminded me sharply that even though I still have disagreements with my family, they really do love me and desire the best for me. My sister shocked me the other day with her astute and probing questions as she tried to understand how I felt. The bonds that we have in being sealed as an eternal unit are strong. Thank you for reminding me of the blessing I have. :)


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