Thursday, August 26

The Title (Gay) Mormon Guy

There are two reasons why the word gay is in my blog title. The first is to make it simple to find my blog. I write to try to help others who are struggling... with the hope that I can do something to make a difference. When I was struggling and trying to find help to resist temptation, I used "gay" or "homosexual" in my online search. I never thought of searching for the phrases "same-gender attraction," "same-sex attraction," "ssa," "sga," or any of the other ways to refer to it. The second reason it's part of the title (and not just addressed in entries) is because that's what the blog is about - living a righteous life while dealing with being attracted to guys.

The gay is surrounded by parentheses because I'm not really gay. (Gay) is not a cute visual euphemism to show that I'm in the closet - because I'm not. I'm just not gay. For me, being gay is not the same thing as being attracted to guys. Being gay goes beyond attraction to acting on that attraction. And most men who are gay (openly or closeted) approve of the sexual gay lifestyle, promote gay activism, and live very different lives than my own.

The second word - Mormon - is, again, an easyt word to use in searching for my blog. I'm Mormon through and through. Outside of this blog, I never talk about Mormons - they are always members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But, in missionary work, the Church has recently reached out to help people realize that Mormons - members of the Church - are people in every place on earth. I guess I can do that too. I'm a guy, attracted to guys. I live, work, and love life. And I'm a Mormon.

And guy is just a word from my generation. My age is of the in-betweeners - the leading edge of the strange group that is taking over the world and can't decide yet whether to be children or adults. I have no idea when guy turn into men or when kids turned into guys.

So that's me. As it says on the top of the blog, I'm a stalwart member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I'm also attracted to men. (Gay) Mormon Guy.


  1. I think this blog is terrific. I have a place in my heart for anyone who struggles in life. A persons pain is a persons pain. You are awesome and exactly what the LDS crowd needs to hear and to help understand. Can you imagine the tears in heavenly fathers eyes when he welcomes you home someday and hugs you and says "you did it and look at the good you did while doing it!" You are in a better spot than me and a lot of other latterday saints. Way to be.

  2. My son has just told me that he is gay. He was supposed to leave for his mission in April and the thought of making temple convenants caused him realize that he could not (though he was willing to) lie to please me. For this I am grateful, but my world has just spun off of it's axis and I can not imagine feeling happy ever again at this time. I love my son with all my heart and I knew that there were young men who struggled with this (ssa) but choose to live righteous lives. Thank you for this blog. It gives me hope.

  3. Random etymological factoid: "guy" as a noun originally meant "a person of grotesque or unusual appearance", because of Guy Fawkes effigies. So there's a story behind all three words of the blog title!


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