Sunday, August 22

Personal Conversion

I love this quote: "The intensity of our desire to share the gospel is a great indicator of the extent of our personal conversion" (Elder Oaks). As I've progressed in life, I've realized how true that statement is.
When I was little, I knew the gospel was true, but I really didn't think much about how it would apply to other people. I had my family, my faith, and I was happy.

I started going through minor trials in life and realized that the gospel was a major source of my strength. I wanted to share it with others - I knew it would help them. But I didn't want to push anything on them. I thought that maybe they could live happy, fulfilled lives without the gospel.

I served a mission and realized that everyone, everywhere, needed the message of the gospel. It was everything to me, it was crucial to their salvation, and so I knocked on doors, stopped people in the streets, and used every outward means possible to share the gospel.

Since I've come home from my mission, I've realized that my ability to share the gospel has only increased. I learned to be a better teacher, counselor, mentor, and friend. And today I can share the gospel in every interaction I have with the people around me - whether through an anonymous blog or being a good roommate.

I can feel my personal conversion growing. When I go to sleep at night, I think about the people who need my help and pray for them. I see symbols and metaphors in the scriptures and my Patriarchal blessing. And the Lord inspires me - helping me know what I should write, who I should talk to, how I can be a better brother, servant, and friend.

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